Things You Do to Stay Warm that Actually Make You Colder in Buellton

Cooler weather is inevitably near in Buellton, and with it always comes cooler temperatures that can leave us wondering how to stay warm. Air conditioner service and a jacket are usually dependable ways to keep warm on chilly days, but there are a variety of other tips floating around out there that you could be trying that are really making you colder, not warmer.

Common Myths:

  • Hot drinks will make you warmer: while the initial sensation of a hot drink can help you belive that you’re warm, your brain will sense that it should start cooling off your body, causing cooling mechanisms.
  • Alcoholic drinks will warm you up: the reason we usually feel warm after a few cups of holiday cheer, it’s simply your skin warming. Alcohol can actually decrease your core temperature, making you colder. A well-tuned air conditioner, thanks to having annual air conditioner service performed, is a more sound bet.
  • Hot showers heat you up: comparable to hot drinks, the heat of your shower is merely a momentary feeling that goes away when the water is dried up and toweled off. That’s why opening the shower curtain is so difficult.
  • Wearing only a hat will handle your warming needs: while there are a number of sources that claim a great deal of body heat is lost via your head, it’s critical to remember that any part of bare skin adds to heat loss. Therefore, while it seems obvious, if you’re only wearing a hat and not a coat or gloves, it’s more likely that lose body heat faster.

So now that you have learned about a couple misunderstandings surrounding staying comfortable with cooler weather, it’s not difficult to see the importance of something as easy as air conditioner service. Of course there are other things you can do to stay comfy this season besides air conditioner service, but there may not be a ton that have such a large impression on your daily comfort. Give Allstar Heating & Air Conditioning a call at 805-242-9638 or set up an appointment online to find out more about what air conditioner service can do for you in Buellton.

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