Reliable Lennox air handlers in Buellton, California, are among the quietest and most energy-efficient you can buy.

An air handler operates with your air conditioner or heat pump to deliver conditioned air throughout your home.

Lennox air handlers produce a nearly silent, constant flow of air, helping your home be more comfortable. In warm weather, this ongoing air circulation helps lower humidity.

Select Lennox products feature variable-speed technology, which provides even temperatures while using less energy. Customize your system by adding EVENHEATER®, which warms air before distributing it, or an air filtration system for healthier indoor air quality.

Trim your energy costs by paring your new system with a Lennox smart thermostat. These thermostats offer precise control over your family’s comfort, whether you’re at home or on the go.

We’re ready to help you with your air handler replacement needs in Buellton. Our heating and cooling pros can help you find the right model for your home and budget. Call us at 805-242-9638 to get started today.

Lennox Air Handlers

Four Perks of a Modern Air Handler

A new air handler presents a multitude of advantages, including:

Better Energy Efficiency

Some modern air handlers have variable-speed capabilities to use a smaller amount of energy than single-stage systems.

Quality Reliability

You’ll have satisfaction knowing your new air handler will provide heat and air conditioning for years to come.

Quieter Comfort

Today’s air handlers come with modern technology that allows them to function more quietly.

Superior Filtration

Renovated systems often have two filters, which provide cleaner air for your family to breathe.

Acquire Quieter, Improved Comfort with a New Air Handler

Connect with us at 805-242-9638 or contact us online right away to discover how our air handlers can help improve your family’s peace of mind. Our professionals can assist you to find the right equipment for your residence and budget.

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